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      1. Welcome to TOP machinery co., LTD!
        Oil Screen
        Module Number:  
        Brand Name:  TOP
        Origin:  China
        Unit Price:  Non - standard customized
        Minimun Number:  1set
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        Product Introduction


        The oil Screen is mainly used in sand control and we have different model for different geology and sand bed of oil well.




        Screen is made of support rod and screen bar.Since the screen bar sections are trapezoidal / V-shaped,the screen slot is always smaller outside and bigger inside and it is favorable for filtration and washing.

        (As for opposite inlet)Screen Rod cross sections, we have wedge, strip, round shape, and depending on the requirements of user,we can be performed with a variety of screen bar.


        1. Our production of V-type wire fully welded wire trapezoidal screen, is formed of V-shaped wrap wire and V-rods (or trapezoidal rods, etc.) welded at each intersection point.

        2. Solid structure, high temperature & corrosion resistance, good mechanical performance, long serving life, safe and reliability.

        3. smooth surface, high tube linearity , solid structure, high porosity, precise slot size. Especially for wells fine sand and silt formation.

        4. trapezoid wire screen easy for backwashing, long serving life, safe and reliable, low cost.

        5. high porosity screen pipe is more suitable for the construction of high-efficiency well of oil, water and gas.

        6. Low running costs: high porosity screen is more conducive to groundwater infiltration. Abundant water make small difference of water level and reduce energy consumption.Especially for wells fine sand and silt formation.

        7. Less pump wear: under the same conditions, the high porosity makes groundwater  much slower penetration than other filtering device,thus it avoids larger pressure making sand flow into screen and reducing the pump wear.

        8. Prolong the serving life of oil/water wells : relatively speaking, groundwater is easier to permeate the high porosity filter screen with low flow rate, so prolong the serving life of oil/water well.



        The Oil screen is mainly used for multi-media filtration in oil wells, gas wells, wells sand control, mud filtration, etc.And it is also be used in water tatment, water softening,organic solution recycling filtration of petroleum products and chemical acid.




        Diameter: 168mm, 219mm, 273mm, 325mm, 426mm

        Filtration precision: 0.1mm, 0.2mm, 0.5mm, 0.7mm, 1mm, 2mm;

        Standard length: 2.925m / root, 5.85m / root

        Connection: head welded pipe, spiral head

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