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        Diatomite Filter
        Price:Non - standard customized
        Package: Wooden box
        Place of Origin:China
        Minimum order quantity:1 Set

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        Product Intorduction

        Diatomite filter, also called candle type sealed filter, candle type diatomite filter, tube-type filter press, thickening filter, filter element type self-cleaning filter, cake layer filter.

        Inside of the filter are many candle tubes (the tube is Wire-wrapped screen) so as to meet different requirements. There are also some filter cloths outside the tubes which aim to filter liquid and solid. After the filter process, both the filter cake’s drying discharge and the filter cloth’s cleaning could automatically run. The filter could handle large filter area because of its simple structure and no driving device.

        Combined with the candle-core patented structure design, the candle type filter enables the shell residue freely discharges. The bottom of the filter doesn’t have any structure; the bottom can be manually, pneumatically and electrically slag; the slag hole is big, so it doesn’t have any effect on batch.

        Besides, vertical installing filter made it very benefit to slag vertically. The diatomite filter is the closest to sanitary level among all the filtering devices. It is widely used in the area of beer clarification, electrolyte impurities removal, metal degreasing and slag, phosphate slag, chemical product concentration, thickening and other fields.

        Advantages and Features

        1. Completed enclosed filtering, no leaking and no environmental pollution.

        2. Filter element design is duplex structure (internal metal mesh support plus external filter cloth), has wide application fields and good filter effect.

        3. Filter element is made of food grade stainless steel wedge wire wrapped screen with high roundness and concentricity.

        4. Filter completely only one time.

        5. Clean and dry filter cake to obtain maximum economical benefit.

        6. Gas has been used to against slag, quick ash clean, adapt to a variety of sticky materials.

        7. The whole filtering process can automatically run (according to the automatic setting of pipes).

        Application Range

        Food industry: beer, sugar, glucose decolorization through active carbon filtration; fruit juices, beverages and other wines’ filtering clarification.

        Chemical industry: the petrochemical industry, inorganic chemical, organic chemical’s crystal filtration and separation; various of catalyst’s filtration and separation; chemical products’ bleaching and filtration;

        electrolyte impurity removal; metal degreasing, slag removal and phosphate slag; chemical products’ concentration and thickening etc.

        Main Technical Parameters


        Area m2

               Barrel Diameter (mm)

         Working Pressure (MPa)

         Working Temperature ()

         Nominal Filter Rating (um)






        80 100120…


        *Above parameters only for reference, customized available for detailed requirements

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