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      1. Welcome to TOP machinery co., LTD!
        TPM Modular Self-cleaning Filter
        Price:Non - standard customized
        Package: Wooden box
        Place of Origin:China
        Minimum order quantity:1 Set

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        Product introduction

        TPM Series modular self-cleaning filter (TPM Filter for short) is the automatic filtration system designed by TOP according to the modular design concept. Applicable industries: petrochemical industry, water treatment, papermaking etc.

        Main Features

        ■ Low risk of downtime, small investment.

        ■ Without interrupting the filtering case, can maintenance the filter unit off-line one by one.

        ■ Top quality V-SLOT filter element, accurate slots, extremely smooth, easy to scrap

        ■ The filter element is very convenient to remove for cleaning

        ■ Backflushing through the valve switching, no complicated mechanical structure, easy to maintain.

        Main technical parameters:

        Model No

        TPM-I Filter

        TPM-I Filter

        Suitable liquid

        External solution

        External solution or gas

        Viscosity range



        Impurity content


        Minimum inlet pressure



        Installation site

        after pumping

        Before the pump or after

        Filter fineness



        Standard design pressure


        *Above parameters only for reference, customized available for detailed requirements

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